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All Inclusive Surrogate Compensation Package vs. Standard Compensation: What is the Difference?

Surrogate Compensation

For a potential surrogate who is researching agencies, or even for a surrogate who is about to sign her compensation package, understanding what it all means can be a daunting process. Then comes the challenge of understanding what the difference is between an “all-inclusive” surrogate compensation package, often offered by other surrogacy agencies, and the “standard” compensation package we offer our surrogates here at GSHC.

So, what is a standard surrogate compensation package and why is that the form of compensation package offered by GSHC Surrogacy Agency? To put it plainly, a standard surrogate compensation package includes added bonuses on top of your base compensation. Of course, you can also expect coverage for lost wages, invasive procedure fees, and all legal, medical, and travel costs to be included in your compensation.

Why is a standard surrogate compensation package a better option for potential surrogates? The answer is simple. An all-inclusive surrogate compensation package either does not include bonuses, or the bonuses that are listed will be subtracted from your base compensation when you receive your compensation deposits during your journey.

To give one example, say your base compensation is $40,000 and your surrogate compensation package lists that you will receive $600 for completing the IVF embryo transfer. After you are compensated that $600, once you are confirmed pregnant you will receive $39,400 paid out in 10 equal monthly payments instead of $40,000.

Another possible downside to an all-inclusive surrogate compensation package is that travel expenses may not be included either, and thus the cost of gas, airfare, hotel, food, childcare, etc. would come from your own pockets, or from your base compensation. In some instances, surrogacy agencies who offer all-inclusive compensation packages will include a “pre-pregnancy compensation” which is a set amount that is meant to cover all travel fees, including lost wages and childcare incurred from pre-pregnancy appointments. Many times, this pre-pregnancy compensation is even subtracted from your base compensation, so if your base compensation is $40,000 and the pre-pregnancy compensation is $10,000, then once you are confirmed pregnant, you will only receive the $30,000 paid out in 10 equal monthly payments.

It is very important to us that a surrogate is never left with out-of-pocket costs due to any event that is caused because of the pregnancy. Surrogacy is a beautiful gift to give and should never be a burden. In fact, we even include any lost wages that your disability insurance cannot cover for 6 weeks to 8 weeks after the surrogate baby is born, with a note from your OBGYN. This is not something that is included in all-inclusive surrogate compensation packages, or even many standard surrogate compensation packages.

We want all our future, current, and past surrogates pursuing another journey, to be fully aware of what their compensation package means, and what is included. Of course, the compensation is just a small aspect of all the wonderful things to come when pursuing a surrogacy journey, but it is important that you are comfortable with your compensation and that you have a clear understanding of what compensations you can expect, and when. Please reach out to us if you have any further questions.


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