Are you looking for surrogate mother information or wondering, “How do I become a surrogate?” If you are between the ages of 21 and 38, financially stable, a U.S. citizen, and the mother of at least one child, you may qualify to become a surrogate carrier. (Other requirements include living in a stable environment and not smoking or using drugs. Visit our Requirements page for the full list of qualifications.) The surrogate parenting process requires a full commitment. It involves a number of steps, such as a medical records review, background check and psychological screening. Surrogacy is complex, but it can benefit you and your loved ones financially while helping another person or couple start a family.

Why would someone want to become a surrogate mother? The answer is different for everyone. Surrogacy is an extremely rewarding experience; a chance to bring some joy to the lives of others by giving them something they would otherwise be unable to obtain. Being a surrogate mother means taking on a huge responsibility, but your hard work and dedication will be rewarded by lifelong gratitude and the knowledge that you did something incredible to help someone else. There is no experience that can compare to seeing

Why Choose GSHC

If you’re a surrogate mother looking for intended parents, consider GSHC. We understand that the decision to become a Surrogate is an important one. Before you commit to an agency, you should know why GSHC is a top tier agency committed to your health, wellbeing, and a successful outcome for you and your Intended Parent(s).

  • 24/7 unparalleled support
  • Friendly, professional service from people who are 100% invested in your experience
  • All recruiters and case managers are former/current surrogates – we understand the experience first-hand
  • Zero financial burden for you – all expenses are taken care of; our surrogates pay nothing out of pocket
  • We are extremely proud of our satisfaction rate – 90% of our surrogates return to us and 50% of new recruits are referrals from our former surrogates
  • Competitive compensation with full transparency – we will NEVER bait and switch
  • Very generous gift package to show our appreciation for everything you do

Meet our Surrogates
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