Surrogacy Costs

It’s important to understand the full cost of your surrogacy journey. There are many important expenses to consider beyond just your surrogate’s compensation. At GSHC Surrogacy Agency, we strive to make the financial component as transparent as possible so that you understand how much your journey will cost in as much detail as possible.

The items detailed here pertain to the surrogacy journey only and do not take into consideration the IVF clinic costs associated with creating/storing embryos, embryo transfer, or any medication protocols specific to your clinic.

We encourage you to contact the financial coordinator at your IVF clinic for a comprehensive summary of IVF costs.

Cost Breakdown

Surrogacy Fees Paid to Your Surrogate:

  1. Base compensation. $35,000 – $70,000. Price varies based on whether the surrogate is first-time or experienced as well as her location.
  2. Monthly Allowance. $300/month (estimated 12 months).
  3. Compliance Fees.  $1,000 for medication compliance, $1,000 for embryo transfer, and $1,000 for confirmation of pregnancy via heartbeat ultrasound.
  4. Childcare/Housekeeping. $960 maximum housekeeping expense ($80/week beginning at the start of the third trimester until delivery. $150/week maximum childcare expense upon physician-ordered bed rest.
  5. Lost Wages. Total varies. Lost wages will be calculated based on your surrogate’s earnings. If the surrogate is eligible for disability through her employer, Intended Parents are responsible for providing a maximum amount of $250/week to offset the disability benefit. If she is not, Intended Parents are responsible for providing her full lost wages. Lost wages will only be provided upon physician-ordered bed rest.
  6. Maternity Clothing. $800 for a singleton pregnancy. $1,000 for a twin pregnancy.
  7. Spouse/Companion Lost Wages. $1,500 maximum in the event a spouse or companion misses work to accompany or care for the surrogate.

Screening Fees:

  1. Criminal, Psychological, and Medical Record Screening. $1,700.
  2. Ongoing Psychological Support. $1,200 ($100/month for monthly psychological support sessions for your surrogate beginning after legal is signed until 2 months after delivery).

Insurance Fees:

  1. Insurance Broker Fee. $450-$3,000 maximum to determine research and place the appropriate medical insurance policy for your surrogate during the pregnancy. This fee is dependent upon surrogate’s location, healthcare providers, and existing insurance situation.
  2. Medical Insurance. $10,000-$33,500 maximum. Intended Parents are responsible for monthly premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums through the length of the policy (typically enrolled after the match until 3 months after delivery).
  3. Life Insurance. $800

Legal Fees:

  1. Legal Fees for Intended Parents. $6,000. Includes drafting of the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement and establishing parental rights.
  2. Legal Fees for Surrogates. $2,000. Includes Gestational Surrogacy Agreement review and representation during the parental judgment process.
  3. Court Fees. Approximately $1,500.
  4. Escrow Fee. Approximately $1,850.

Journey Management Fee:

  1. Agency Fee. $35,000 for Domestic and International Intended Parents.

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