The Surrogacy Process for Intended Parents

Intended Parent Process

You have decided to grow your family through surrogacy. Wonderful! In our surrogacy programs, we will walk you through every step to ensure that your needs will be met with compassion and care. The entire surrogacy timeline should not be stressful or overwhelming and that is why we are here: to make everything as simple as possible and ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

Full-Service:  We provide full surrogacy parenting services by coordinating the entire journey with top physicians, psychologists, attorneys and monitoring facilities as needed.

Guarantee:  We will re-match or refund your fees if the Surrogate/egg donor is not able to proceed based on her medical outcome. 

Pre-Screened:  We deliver only qualified Surrogates and/or egg donors for your journey to ensure your cycle will proceed in a timely manner.

1. Schedule a Surrogacy Consultation
Get the information you need to make the right decision.
During your consultation about our surrogacy services, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to start the surrogacy process and what to expect, so you are fully prepared to embark upon this journey with GSHC. We will be happy to meet with you in-person at our Los Angeles office, or by video conferencing. We also provide language support in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

2. Getting to Know You
We will have you complete a short profile so that we can get to know more about you and your expectations/requirements for a Surrogate. This allows us to provide you with appropriate profiles of women we believe will be a good match for your family.

3. Meeting Your Surrogate
The adventure begins!
At GSHC we are committed to providing the highest-quality Surrogates for our Intended Parents. Each candidate is thoroughly vetted through in-depth background checks, psychological screening, medical record review and interviews. Your Surrogate will be screened for drugs/alcohol/nicotine and infectious diseases, as well as a thorough medical evaluation by your own IVF physician. After you have decided on a profile you like, we will schedule a “Match Meeting”, either in-person or via video chat depending on your surrogate’s location. In this Match Meeting, you will have the opportunity to get to know the Surrogate much better to determine if there is a strong connection to move forward.

4. Getting Started
At GSHC we want to make this process as easy as possible for our Intended Parents. Once you have decided on the match with your Surrogate, all you need to do to get started is complete our agency agreement and return it along with a small initial deposit. That’s it! You won’t pay or sign anything with our agency until you and your Surrogate are 100% comfortable to move forward!

5. The Transfer Cycle
After your surrogate clears medical screening and the legal contracts are finalized, the clinic will create your surrogate’s transfer calendar. This is the breakdown of which medications she will take, when, and the dosage. We will make sure your surrogate follows the calendar as directed. She will be monitored throughout the process to make sure she is responding well to the medications as she prepares for embryo transfer. If her blood test is positive, she will remain with the fertility clinic for her first 3 obstetric ultrasounds and remain monitored and on medication for the time-being.

6. The Final Furlong
At around 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, your Surrogate will be released to her personal obstetrician. At this time, she will be attending doctor’s appointments monthly. We will assist you with travel arrangements in order for you to be present at the delivery of your baby. During this time, the Pre-Birth Order will also be completed, which is an important court document stating that you are the legal parent/s of the child. We will provide support throughout the pregnancy, parentage process, delivery, and beyond, so you can rest assured you will never be alone in this process. We will also assist in applying for any required documents for traveling home with your bundle of joy once you have welcomed them into the world!