International Surrogacy

With the technological advances that have made it possible to connect with people around the world, it shouldn’t be surprising that GSHC Surrogacy Agency can provide global surrogacy services to international Intended Parents. Regardless of the country you call home, we are a dedicated agency here to help you welcome a new baby with personal attention and compassionate care.

A Closer Look at Gestational Surrogacy

Looking for international surrogacy programs to build your family? The process may seem daunting or even scary, but you can rest assured that the passionate team at GSHC Surrogacy Agency will walk with you every step of the way.

The benefits of working with GSHC Surrogacy Agency include:

  • A thorough, strict screening process for Surrogates and egg donors
  • A group of committed professionals who can speak English, Chinese and Spanish
  • Connections to a vast global network
  • Extensive knowledge of international surrogacy laws to ensure a smooth, safe transition back to your home country
  • Responsible safety measures for a healthy pregnancy

Six Basic Steps of Surrogacy

Our agency has been working in the fertility field for more than a decade, specializing in gestational surrogacy since 2016. We help individuals and couples who are interested in international egg donation, offering guidance and support through every step of your journey to becoming a parent. The surrogacy process can take between 12 and 20 months and includes these six steps:

  1. Schedule Your Consultation
    During the consultation, you’ll learn what to expect from the surrogacy process. You can meet with us in person at our Los Angeles office or by a video conference call, which can be conducted in English, Spanish, Chinese and more.
  2. Share Your Story
    At this stage you’ll complete a brief profile to tell us more about you and what you’re looking for in a Surrogate. This profile helps us choose the appropriate candidate for your family.
  3. Meet Your Surrogate
    We provide you with thoroughly vetted Surrogates who have had their complete medical records screened by your personal IVF physician. After you’ve chosen a profile and those records are approved, you’ll have a “Match Meeting” either in person or via video conferencing.
  4. The Adventure Begins!
    Once you and your Surrogate agree on a match, you just have to complete and return our agency agreement with a small initial deposit. That’s it! You won’t pay or sign anything with our agency until you and your Surrogate are 100% comfortable to move forward!
  5. The Transfer Cycle
    Your Surrogate will undergo a medical screening with your IVF clinic and, after clearance, the contracts will be finalized. After that, the clinic will arrange the transfer calendar and closely monitor your Surrogate before and after the transfer procedure. If her blood test is positive, she will continue to be supervised until she is released to her personal obstetrician at about 12 weeks’ gestation.
  6. The Final Stretch
    As the delivery date approaches, we will help make travel arrangements so that you can be present when your baby is born. We will also manage the completion of the pre-birth order, which states that you are the legal parent/s of the child, and any other necessary documentation to travel home with your baby!

If you are interested in international egg donor or surrogacy programs, contact us today. Regardless of where you live, we are ready to help make your dream of parenthood come true.