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The surrogacy process is a special one. Connecting with a gestational surrogate to carry your precious embryo is a journey you will never forget. While it’s true that surrogacy is never anyone’s first option, it can oftentimes be more rewarding than you ever expected. You’ve found our agency because you’re ready to explore the surrogacy option and GSHC Surrogacy Agency is here to guide you toward making the best decision for yourself and your family.

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“I am an intended parent. Because of my own fertility issues, I cannot have children. After a friend introduced me to GSHC, I got to know them and they helped me a lot. They were very patient and enthusiastic during the process. Everyone was very nice and helped me find a very good surrogate mother to carry my embryo. My surrogate mother is now 17 weeks pregnant! I am very grateful to the entire GSHC Surrogacy Agency team for helping me realize my dream of being a mother. Thank you!”
– <<BELLA>>, Intended Parent, <<California>>
“GSHC, Jia and Yadira found us the best Surrogate we could even ask for. Not only they took care of us from making sure that our Surrogate was healthy and a genuine person to the sorting out all the expenses. They made sure that they gave their full attention in our special experience. At first we planned to go without an agency but after deciding to go with GSHC we now know that this process requires a lot of work and experience. That is what Jia and her team provided us, so during the whole process we were actually able to enjoy every moment and experience our miracle 100%. Rather than scrounging around on how deal with legal, medical, etc. They held our hands every step of the way. Never dodged our calls even though we may have asked more than your average couple. Hahaha. Thank you for the best experience ever. Our family will forever be grateful for the blessing that you guys help us achieve!!! We hope that you guys continue to bless others like you have us and others before us. You guys as the BEST!!!”
– <<JARMAINE>>, Intended Parent, <<California>>

The Right Agency for You

Choosing the right surrogacy agency involves many factors such as availability, cost, and trust just to name a few. Above all you want to know that your journey is being managed by a team that has the necessary experience to manage any obstacle that may arise.

Whether you are looking for an egg donor or if you have embryos ready to transfer, GSHC Surrogacy Agency can help set you on the right path toward parenthood. We will get to know you during your initial consultation and create a customized profile to learn precisely what you are looking for. Browse our egg donor profiles or review our surrogate profiles to find the right match. We understand that your journey began long before you found our agency and our team will keep you on track and moving toward your dream of starting your family.

What GSHC can do for you

You need a reliable agency that can navigate you through the entire process. From the very early steps of reviewing egg donors all the way up through postpartum support for you and your surrogate, you can rest easy knowing that our team has the experience and expertise to help the process go as smooth as possible.

Your All-Inclusive Agency

GSHC Surrogacy Agency will handle all aspects of your surrogacy journey from start to finish. Whether you’re beginning by searching for an egg/sperm donor or you’re ready for a surrogate, we’ll guide you through each milestone all the way to the delivery and beyond. Throughout the process we can offer you expert guidance and referrals for IVF clinics, legal representation, escrow management services, insurance brokers, travel documentation expertise, psychological support, and especially how to manage the big day when your baby arrives.

What We Offer

  • Experience – All of our recruiters and case managers are former/current surrogates themselves. We understand this experience first-hand and we can guide you and your surrogate or egg donor through every step of this process from personal experience.
  • Financial transparency – receive a detailed breakdown upfront of the costs you can expect to pay on your journey. We take special care to ensure that you know the cap on your expenses and are prepared for any eventuality.
  • Trust – As a member of the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS), we are committed to maintaining the highest standard of ethical behavior and professional service to our clients, egg donors, and surrogates alike.
  • Professional connections with trusted IVF clinics, surrogacy and family law attorneys, escrow fund managers, psychological support professionals throughout your entire journey.
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What You Can Expect to Pay

We understand the financial load of assisted reproduction can be heavy. That is why we have taken great efforts to craft a reasonable and comprehensive fee structure for our intended parents to gain a thorough understanding of what they can expect to pay. While compensation can vary for egg donors and surrogates, you can expect to review a detailed fee sheet that outlines all of the key payments made throughout the process.

In addition to your donor or surrogate’s compensations, you should expect to pay for fees along the way including criminal & psychological screenings, legal fees for drafting and reviewing contracts, escrow management, lost wages, travel and accommodations for procedures, and medical & life insurance.

Contact us today to learn what you can expect to pay for a journey with GSHC Surrogacy Agency. Our pricing is fully transparent, our referral services are at cost, and you won’t pay overhead fees for anything.

We also encourage you to review our comprehensive overview of Surrogacy Compensation to learn what surrogates are eligible to receive.

Additional Surrogacy Resources Available to You

In addition to the 24/7 access you will have to your client relations manager, your surrogate’s personal case manager, and the rest of the GSHC staff during your journey, we also provide a wealth of surrogacy knowledge through our Blog

A sample of surrogacy topics and useful information can be found below. We also encourage you to thoroughly investigate the Intended Parents Resources page for information specific to your experience along your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Surrogacy
How do I become a parent through surrogacy?
Your first step is to partner with an agency to assist you with the process. If you decide to move forward with GSHC (and we hope you do!), just sign the agency agreement and make a small deposit. It’s that easy! Once those 2 items are received, we will get the process started for you.
How much does a surrogate cost?
The costs of surrogacy can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as whether you use an egg donor, which state your surrogate lives in and whether you use a first-time or experienced surrogate. Plan on at least $100,000-150,000.
How are surrogates screened?
All of our surrogates undergo thorough state and federal background checks, drug/alcohol/nicotine screening, a psychological evaluation, medical record review, and a full medical examination.
How long does the process take?
Usually, the surrogacy process takes anywhere from 12-20 months between the time you first contact your surrogacy agency to when you bring your baby home.
Where is surrogacy legal?
Surrogacy is legal in many states across the US, although the laws can vary greatly from state to state. Some states are much easier to work with than others, and your options will be discussed during your consultation.
Will the surrogate keep the baby?
No. The surrogate cannot legally keep the baby, and probably doesn’t want to! All of our surrogates have undergone psychological screening to make sure they are ready to complete the process and will not suffer any emotional distress by doing so. Legally, the surrogate relinquishes any right to the child before the baby is born.
Does insurance cover the surrogacy process?
Your surrogate’s insurance will cover the costs of prenatal care and delivery. She may already have a plan in place, or we will help you to purchase the best option available to her. As the intended parent(s), you will be responsible for paying the monthly insurance premiums, deductible, and out-of-pocket maximum during the pregnancy.
Why choose GSHC as your surrogacy agency?
We are committed to providing the absolute best support and education possible to our intended parents, to guide them smoothly through the entire process and make sure everything goes according to plan. Although unexpected things can sometimes happen, we will be by your side to help you every step of the way, to ensure your experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

If you’re ready to bring joy to those in need, we’d love to meet you! Getting started is easy, simply complete our Intended Parent Intake Form.