Video: International IPs and the Legal Process: Pre-Birth Order
Attorney Casey O’Connell of Falletta & Klein in San Diego, California answers co
Surrogate Compensation & Benefits
Your surrogacy compensation will be paid to you throughout the surrogacy cycle. In fact, you wil
Reasons to Become a Surrogate
There are many reasons why women choose to become surrogates. Here are some of the most popular:
When Do I Get to Contact My Surrogate?
The bond between an Intended Parent and a surrogate is magical. We at GSHC Surrogacy Agency treasur
When Do I Pay and How Much?
GSHC Surrogacy Agency’s fee structure is an easy, manageable timeline of payment dates and totals t
What is All-Inclusive Pricing?
GSHC Surrogacy Agency’s all-inclusive pricing is a budget-sensitive option for your surrogacy journe
Partner’s Involvement During the Surrogacy Process
During a surrogacy journey, your spouse or partner will be an important part of your support system,
Egg Donation: What You Need to Know
Many people all over the world begin their families with donated eggs. Same-sex couples, a single pe
Egg Donation and Fertility
Assisted reproductive technology (or ART, as it is sometimes referred to) is an amazing advancement
The Importance of Social Support
Did you know that having good social and emotional support can decrease the risk of experiencing dep
Timeline of Testing During Pregnancy
As a surrogate, there will be a number of prenatal tests you will be required to undergo during your
Experienced Surrogates: How Will My Journey Differ?
After completing their first surrogacy journey, it’s extremely common for surrogates to want to do a