How to React to an IVF Failure

Author: GSHC Surrogacy


Confronting Disappointment

In the instance of IVF failure, your lost opportunity for a family can be heartbreaking. You’ve anticipated success and instead, faced overwhelming disappointment. You might feel as though your hope has run out and it’s time to throw in the towel. But don’t walk away just yet. Take note that while in-vitro fertilization is the most successful solution for infertility, it does fail at times. And do not interpret this unsuccessful attempt as your own wrongdoing. We encourage you to take heart and try again!

There are several reasons why In-Vitro Fertilization might fail. So, as you face this mishap, know that it is not uncommon. And, as you assess what may have gone awry, you can troubleshoot and decide what actions to take next.

Reasons for an IVF Failure:

1. Poor Embryo Quality. A condition called embryo arrest can take place in the case that an embryo is too weak or contains internal flaws. This indicates that the issue was not a problem with the woman’s uterus but with the embryo itself.

2. Age of the Eggs. The quality of a woman’s eggs declines with age. If an egg is retrieved from a woman over the age of 35, the embryo quality will significantly decrease.

3. Negative Ovarian Response. Prior to an embryo transfer, a woman will receive several fertility medications. However, if a woman’s body does not demonstrate a positive reaction to these, she will produce fewer eggs.

4. Health Complications. If the woman’s lifestyle includes unhealthy habits such as smoking and/or has a BMI of over 33, conception is made considerably more difficult.

Your dreams of having your own child can become a reality. And though your first attempt may have failed, do not lose sight of this hope. There are options for you. And we at GSHC Surrogacy Agency are here to stand by you through the entire process. For every loss and each success, we will be there. Call on us if you are ready to begin your journey toward parenthood!

What should you do in the case of IVF failure?

First of all, realize that these unfortunate results are likely not your fault. Though you may feel guilty for the outcome, there is no reason to consider yourself responsible. So, we implore you, let go of your guilt and restore your hope!

  • We understand that this time may be extremely emotionally taxing. It can even feel like the loss of a pregnancy. Your eager longing for a child can be denied in moments. And that can be crushing. So if you feel in need, make sure to reach out to a mental health professional. Relying on this emotional support is a great resource in your time of heartbreak.
  • Reach out to your doctor and discuss with them what exactly went wrong. They will help you understand the reason for your IVF failure and guide you on where to go next. With a professional explanation of what took place, you can approach your next attempt with a better and more confident understanding of the process.
  • Try again! As we’ve mentioned, it is not uncommon for your first IVF attempt to fail. So, do not stop at your initial try. There is hope for you and your future family. Reach out for help and guidance and stay persistent in your pursuit of parenthood!


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