How do Surrogates and Intended Parent(s) get matched?

Author: GSHC Surrogacy


Surrogacy Match

At GSHC Surrogacy Agency, we strive to make the best possible matches for our IPs and surrogates. We believe that an honest and open relationship throughout the process makes for an incredible journey for everyone involved. In order to achieve such a relationship, we use a detailed and extensive matching process.

Surrogate Screening

Before the matching can begin, we review the hundreds of surrogate applications that come in each month. A screening process allows a licensed social worker to review bankruptcy and criminal background checks as well as medical records and the applicant’s overall readiness to be a surrogate. If she advances beyond this initial screening, a member of our social work team conducts a phone interview with the applicant, as well as an additional interview with the applicant’s primary support person (PSP). Should the applicant make her way through these various checkpoints, she is approved to begin matching.

Once she is approved, our in-house legal team will evaluate the available legal matching options. Surrogacy law varies by state – the state in which the surrogate plans on delivering dictates the legal procedures possible and the type of parents who can be matched with a surrogate in that state.

You can learn more about our screening process HERE.

Lining Up Intended Parents and Surrogates

Once IPs agree to work with GSHC to build their family, they are added to our queue. This list is used during matching; however, our social work team, when finding matches, balances the waitlist with the quality of fit in order to achieve a timely yet comfortable match.

There are three main requirements that we use to connect a surrogate and intended parent(s): legal fit, personality fit, and views on selective reduction and abortion. Legal fit is the best place to start since surrogacy laws vary from country to country and state to state. Our legal team works alongside lawyers from the surrogate’s and IPs’ home region in order to be sure that the legality matches.

Once the legal matters are sorted, the social work team strives to find the best personality fit while also honoring the waitlist. Using our knowledge of the IPs and surrogates, we try to generate matches so that both share expectations, hopes, and dreams for their upcoming journey. The GSHC team will send the profiles of the proposed match to both parties. If the IPs and surrogates express mutual interest, we continue the matching process.

The third requirement is based on the IPs’ and surrogates’ respective views on selective reduction and abortion. Since it is ultimately the surrogate’s decision, in the case that either selective reduction or abortion may be a consideration, it is important that the two parties are on the same page on these matters.

Finally, the two parties schedule a virtual video call to talk about the journey and any other thoughts or questions. At the conclusion of the conversation, if both the surrogate and the IPs are interested in moving forward, they are officially matched and ready to proceed to the next stage of the process!


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