Egg Donors and Age Advantages

Author: GSHC Surrogacy


Egg Donation

Egg Donation Database

You will find that most any database of potential Egg Donors will consist of primarily young donors. Age is a very important factor when selecting an Egg Donor because a woman’s egg reserve may start to weaken as she gets older.

Starting at the time of her first ovulation, a woman’s body will release the best quality egg each month. Naturally, as time passes, the quality of each subsequent egg may tend to diminish in overall quality, affecting potential pregnancy outcomes along the way.

We at GSHC Surrogacy Agency highly recommend selecting an Egg Donor that is under the age of 30 for this very reason.

Risk Factors

With increased egg donor age you risk potential increases in chromosomal abnormalities in the egg, the most common being Down syndrome. After the age of 35, research suggests that 1 in every 270 pregnancies will result in a diagnosis of Down syndrome. But there are other chromosomal issues that may occur with more mature eggs as well: Tay-Sachs disease and Cystic Fibrosis. By selecting a younger Egg Donor, you can help to mitigate the risk of creating a child with these conditions.

Therefore, it is important to select a young Egg Donor in her fertile prime. GSHC Surrogacy Agency has resources in place to ensure that you have a wide selection of potential Egg Donors to work with, all within the most advantageous age range for donation. Our Egg Donors undergo comprehensive testing to help ensure the highest possible quality for the process.

If you are an Intended Mother looking to use your own eggs in your surrogacy journey, it is important to know that fertility and egg quality begins to slow after the age of 32, and rapidly decreases after age 37. Past age 40 medical intervention becomes highly probable in order to obtain eggs that can be used to successfully create an embryo.


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