Advantages of Surrogacy in the U.S. for International Parents

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Advantages of Surrogacy

If you are an international intended parent considering surrogacy, then the United States is likely your best option. The U.S. is an ideal country for surrogacy services. It has favorable legal, societal, and medical conditions that make it a popular destination for many hopeful parents worldwide who want to have children of their own. 

If you choose to move forward with surrogacy in the U.S., you will have several benefits available to you that may not be available elsewhere, such as: 

The Legal Process Protects Surrogates, Intended Parents, and Your Child 

Surrogacy is a complex and difficult process that many parents will be faced with. It is not uncommon for people to want to know how the law protects their parental rights, what terms are enforceable in contracts, where their child may receive nationality (and immigration consequences), or whether they can explore surrogacy within other countries as well.

Because federal surrogacy laws don’t exist in the United States, the surrogacy process varies from state to state. Many states in the U.S. give full access to all international intended parents regardless of their relationship status, sexual orientation, or gender. This means you can choose your ideal state and have peace knowing they will protect everyone involved (surrogate/intended parent(s)/baby) from any potential issues or risks associated with commercial surrogacy contracts and with establishing parental rights.

Your Child will be a Citizen of the United States

Having a child born in the United States automatically makes them a U.S. citizen, providing additional protection against deportation or visa issues. Your baby will receive a U.S. birth certificate that entitles him/her to a U.S. passport for travel purposes, usually with a quick turnaround of 24-72 hours upon application, but can take up to 2 weeks.

You’ll be the Sole Legal Parent(s) of Your Baby

A surrogacy lawyer in the state where your surrogate resides will also handle all of the legal work necessary to establish your parental rights either pre-or-post birth of your baby.

—meaning you’ll become the sole physical and legal parents with U.S. law on your side.

Another advantage of surrogacy in the United States is that it provides many vital benefits for international parents traveling back home with their newborn child, ensuring a safe return.

Your Finances will be Safe and Secure

With many U.S. surrogacy agencies, you are in the clear when it comes to ensuring your finances. The money you use to fund your surrogacy journey is secure because a third-party escrow account manages it. Surrogacy arrangements must have a third-party escrow agency to act as the intermediary in payments. 

Escrow agencies will hold funds from intended parents and pay them out to surrogate mothers, depending on what is laid out in the contract between all parties involved—relieving stress for both the intended parent and the surrogate. This process ensures that all monthly payments will be made reliably and on time. As long as you choose a well-established and time-tested agency, there’s no need to worry about your decision to use a surrogate in the United States. 

Same-Sex Couples will Have Legal Parental Rights in Certain States

Many international LGBTQ couples and singles are now choosing the United States as their destination for surrogacy services. Some states recognize same-sex marriage—meaning you will both be the legal parents of your child. 

There is also a benefit to going through the U.S. in terms of the protections provided when using an egg or sperm donor. That said, the laws here in the U.S. are beneficial to the entire surrogacy process from start to finish including finding a donor, creating embryo(s), finding a surrogate, and establishing parentage. 

There are many U.S. surrogates eager to work with LGBTQ couples and single parents from all over the world, so international intended parents have the flexibility to work with an agency in a state that is LGBTQ-friendly!

The U.S. is the World Leader in Surrogacy Procedures

The U.S. is the world leader in surrogacy procedures performed each year successfully—with an estimated 4,000 cases annually. Since this number is significantly higher than any other country where this procedure is possible, it’s likely attributed to the increasing amount of agencies and IVF clinics and having greater access to top-tier medical technologies in America. 

Most clinics in the U.S. also offer genetic testing options to screen for any potential hereditary disorders, neural tube defects, and chromosomal abnormalities. Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) can also be done before the IVF transfer to select an embryo with chromosomal normalcy. PGS may help improve pregnancy rates, minimize miscarriage risk, and limit multiple gestations. 

The Screening and Matching Process is Highly Regulated 

When an agency matches you with a surrogate in the U.S., it’s reassuring to know that she has undergone a thorough medical and emotional screening and lives in an environment where your child will be able to develop safely during pregnancy. 

This highly regulated and comprehensive screening/matching process makes American surrogates preferable over gestational carriers from developing countries who have not been tested as extensively to many international intended parents.

Is Surrogacy in the United States Right for You?

As you prepare for your surrogacy journey, there is a lot to consider. If the United States is on your list of international surrogacy options, take time to understand your personal goals and which country and process can best meet those desires? Before committing to a location, be sure to speak with knowledgeable professionals in each country.

To learn more about starting your surrogacy journey in the U.S. as international intended parents, feel free to contact us at GSHC Surrogacy today.