About GSHC Surrogacy Agency

About GSHC Surrogacy Agency

Who We Are

GSHCGestational Surrogacy HealthCare)Surrogacy Agency is an internationally recognized, full-service boutique agency devoted to creating families. Our passion for surrogacy and love for children guide us in everything we do. We provide the highest level of service for our Intended Parents and Surrogates alike and, unlike most agencies, 100% of our Case Managers are Surrogates themselves. We know the journey and we are here to lend our expertise. Our qualified surrogacy candidates based throughout the country allow us to complete the matching process quickly and efficiently, with the average match occurring one month after an IP profile is created. We work independently with an elite crop of legal, medical, and psychology professionals to thoroughly screen our candidates for surrogacy. We are also proud to support the LGBTQ community as well as heterosexual couples and singles. The road to parenthood through surrogacy is a long one, but with GSHC Surrogacy Agency by your side, you will be in safe hands every step of the way.

Our Team

Mark Schroeder
Head of Client Relations

As the Head of Client Relations for GSHC Surrogacy Agency, I get the incredible opportunity to meet with men, women, couples, and singles from around the world who are all looking to start their family through surrogacy. I consider it both a privilege and an honor to prepare people for their surrogacy journey and guide them through the process. I approach each match meeting with a giddy excitement, eager to witness the beginnings of a potential lifelong connection. That sense of elation lasts throughout every surrogacy journey as I am constantly reminded of the compassion and dedication of both IPs and GCs alike. Surrogacy is a big step for all those involved. It requires a unique combination of understanding, acceptance, perseverance, and hope. Each day I get to witness these attributes in full force. I am enormously proud of our surrogates, intended parents, egg donors, and especially staff! The GSHC Team join in every triumph and share in every disappointment and we are here for you every step of the way.

Yadira Ponce
General Manager & Experienced Surrogate

I loved being a surrogate with this agency because of the way they treat all candidates. Case coordinators are there every step of the process and explain everything in detail. Being part of the GSHC family as a coordinator allows me to be a part of every experience, every moment. I get to see a new match and witness the IPs joy when they meet the person willing to help them with the process to have their baby. I love moments when we have a pregnancy confirmation and I get to see the happiness of both parties knowing that they have achieved one more step, or when a baby is born and IPs can finally have their great blessing in their arms. My favorite part as a case coordinator is hearing stories from previous GCs and IPs of how their relationship keeps growing. Working with GSHC has become more than a job, it is my own way of helping the world be a little happier.

When I started working at GSHC I realized that not all superheroes wear capes and have magical powers. There are also surrogates and egg donors that help families suffering from infertility, chronic health problems, or other reasons that prevent them from achieving their dream of being parents. I believe surrogates and egg donors are so special, they have the power and privilege to help families, create smiles, and fulfill dreams! I have always believed that to do a job well we need to love what we do. Everyone at GSHC considers every case, match, and journey to be precious and we give more than 100% to help each journey succeed.

Rocio Enriquez
Case Manager & Experienced Surrogate

As children, we are asked what we aspire to be when we grow up. I never had an exact answer, all I knew was that I wanted to be someone who could make a difference. Being a case manager for GSHC Surrogacy Agency has given me the opportunity to live out my dream while witnessing families grow. I ensure all medical visits and appointments are completed accordingly by guiding and connecting with each surrogate through their journey. As an experienced surrogate myself, it is truly rewarding to know that I have helped extend a family’s love with a baby. Never, in a million years, did I envision having this wonderful career. At GSHC, we are a spirited team and family to all surrogates and intended parents.

Ashley Block
Case Manager & Experienced Surrogate

Being a Case Manager for GSHC Surrogacy Agency has been the best career change I have ever made. I get to help both experienced and first-time surrogates through their Journeys by making sure they have everything they need, checking in on how their appointments went and when their next one is, verifying that they are getting tests done that are required from the doctor, as well as checking in with them on an emotional level to make sure they are doing well. I like to connect with GCs on a personal level and treat them as if they are my family, and with me being a surrogate, I can share my experience to let them know I understand what they are/will be going through. I help our surrogates every step of the way from making appointments, helping them understand what medications they will be taking, what test they will be doing and why they are important, to sending them something sweet because they need a pick-me-up. Surrogacy can seem scary for those who have never done it and I want every surrogate to know I am there to help them with anything, even in the middle of the night. I personally would want someone there every step of the way for me, that’s why I am available to them whenever they need me. Our team at GSHC is very dedicated to making sure our GCs, IPs, and EDs are taken care of and know we are there for them.

Daisy Castellanos
Intake Manager & Experienced Surrogate

As the Intake Manager at GSHC, I get to learn about our surrogates and get them started on their journeys from the beginning. It’s very important for our surrogates to know and understand what surrogacy is and I am always glad to be able to provide the information they would like to know when they first contact us. During the intake process, I love hearing what made them want to become a surrogate and how excited they are to begin their journey. As a former surrogate myself, it is incredibly fulfilling to know that we are helping complete a family and I take pride in helping match our surrogates to their intended parents and seeing them build a bond only a few could understand. Working at GSHC has been such a rewarding job, I feel truly blessed to be able to help and bring happiness to so many families. It’s super exciting when we have a confirmation of pregnancy or when we get baby updates! We have a great team at GSHC and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

Danielle Reisland
Egg Donation Manager & Experienced Surrogate

As the Egg Donation Manager for GSHC Surrogacy Agency, I get the honor to assist in the very first steps of completing families. My title allows me to work closely with young women who have the same dream as me. I get the opportunity to guide them along their journey and get to witness this amazing process. Since a young age I dreamt of being a mom. After becoming a mother and experiencing all the love, happiness and blessings it gave me, I knew in my heart that I wouldn’t feel complete unless I tried to help a family experiencing infertility. It was then when I reached out to GSHC about becoming a surrogate and the rest is history. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to guide me along my journey. They are all amazing and they never fail to let you know how special you are. My journey not only allowed me to bless a family, but it has become one of the biggest blessing for me personally. After over a year of working with GSHC as a surrogate I now have joined their amazing team as the Egg Donation Manager. Together we work hard to make dreams come true.

Rebekah Baker
Intake Coordinator & Experienced Surrogate

As an intake coordinator with GSHC, my responsibility is to manage cases from the first application up until matching with intended parents. I ensure every step of the process happens with ease. I also spend quality time getting to know every surrogacy applicant so I can match them with the perfect intended parents. I am here for you and I am just as excited about your journey as you are. I was a surrogate once before, and it was such a beautiful and special experience with GSHC that I am doing it again. I was matched with the very best intended parents, and everybody on the GSHC team was there for me through every step of the process. My experience with surrogacy gives me a personal perspective on the emotional ins and outs of being a new surrogate, therefore I am sure to give all of my surrogates that special experience I know is so important. My favorite part about being an intake coordinator is being a part of so many journeys because surrogacy is a special and exciting experience. I have been in the shoes of a new applicant; therefore, I can truly understand the fears and excitements of becoming a surrogate. I will hold your hand throughout the entire process, and I will ensure your journey is as special as you dream it to be.

Akira Wilson
Case Manager

Growing up, all I have known was family. I have always loved the idea of families being created. I knew when I grew up that my passion would be to help others and transform their lives. My passion has lead me down a path of in-depth study of fertility from fertilization all the way through birth.
As a newly-experienced surrogate with GSHC, the joy I felt watching my Intended Parents become first-time parents was the most heartfelt thing I have ever experienced in my life. Being a part of the GSHC Family, I can use my skills and passion to help other surrogates on their journey to make someone’s family complete.

Cassandra Bourdon
Egg Donation Intake and Case Manager/ Experienced Surrogate

Being the Egg Donation Manager for GSHC Surrogacy Agency allows me to not only utilize all my experience working in an IVF clinic but gives me the opportunity to help families reach their ultimate dream of starting a family. I get the privilege of being the first point of contact for each prospective donor. My role in Egg Donation allows me to facilitate the applications and get to know each prospective donor personally during the interview process. As an experienced surrogate, I know how important it is to be personable, genuine and caring to each individual’s journey. My goal through this process is to make each donor feel confident and educated when entering the program. The joy that donation brings not only for the recipient families but for the donors themselves is rewarding! The GSHC team is like having a second family and as a team we work together to make miracles happen.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We value people over profit
  • High Surrogate pool ensures short matching times
  • Close relationships with experienced professionals including fertility specialists, legal advisors, insurance providers and psychologists
  • 100% of Case Managers & Intake Team are Surrogates
  • All newborns gain entry to their home country
  • We leave lasting positive impressions with those we choose to work with
  • International Egg Donor options (including Asia)
  • Thorough pre-screening of Surrogates ensures highest medical screening success rate
  • Works independently with professionals – no conflicts of interest
  • Complimentary Skype/WeChat/WhatsApp/Line consultations
  • 24/7 case support