We Make Dreams Come True

GSHC Surrogacy Agency is passionately dedicated to building and growing families globally. We specialize in making the process safer, easier and more enjoyable for individuals, couples, surrogates and egg donors interested in this life-changing journey.

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We Make Dreams Come True

GSHC Surrogacy Agency is passionately dedicated to building and growing families globally. We specialize in making the process safer, easier and more enjoyable for individuals, couples, surrogates and egg donors interested in this life-changing journey.

Highly recommend! GSHC helped us with our first baby. At the very beginning, Jia from GSHC hosted a one on one meeting to help us understand the process, timeline and costs. The team really listened and understood our needs. After we started the process, the team guided us through egg donor selection, embryo development and surrogate selection. The team checked in with the surrogate regularly to make sure she is happy and has everything she needs. We also received regular updates to make sure everything is going well. The whole process was basically on auto-pilot and that enabled us to focus more time on our life. The team has a real passion for what they do and everyone on the team is really professional and helpful. We will definitely work with GSHC again with our next baby.
— Alan Zhu
Cassandra was my coordinator for my first egg donation who introduced me to how the process works, was well organized for the travel, appointments and always quick to respond for all my questions and arrangements. My accommodations in California were the perfect location walkable distance to the clinic, restaurants, stores, & pharmacy. A ride back to the hotel was provided after my egg retrieval since I had no one I knew able to be there for me. The nurse at the clinic explained the timing and dosage of medications and let me practice. Even when I had to stay longer than expected (3 weeks) I was allowed to work virtually at my job by my employer which made the entire process way less stressful. Thank you for all you do Cassandra and GSHC!
— Natalie Polei
We are grateful for the support and guidance provided by GSHC throughout our journey to becoming parents. The team demonstrated prompt and attentive communication, addressing our questions and concerns with compassion. They provide a diverse pool of surrogates for intended parents, and ensure a smooth matching process. We are in the middle of our journey now and cannot wait to welcome our lovely baby. I highly recommend GSHC to anyone seeking a surrogacy agency that goes above and beyond, making dreams come true through their exceptional commitment to clients.
— Angel
Jia possesses exceptional expertise in fertility and provided us with an extensive introduction to fertility that lasted nearly an hour when we initially reached out. Throughout our fertility journey, Ray was incredibly supportive, assisting us in finding clinics and doctors that were well-suited to our specific needs and offering guidance every step of the way. I've already started recommending them to my friends!
— Melody Love
We were a couple with embryos and looking for surrogates. Before GSHC, my wife and I discussed our surrogacy requirements with a number of prominent surrogacy agencies. Not only are they very expensive, they also told us to wait up to 12 months before they can identify a proper surrogate.

We found GSHC totally by chance, however, we received an immediate and extremely warm response from GSHC. GSHC learned our situation, and quickly identified a surrogate candidate for us. We had a very successful online interview with the surrogate family and our surrogacy journey started immediately.

GSHC agency's fee structure is very fair and transparent, we save quite a lot of money by working with them. Besides, the surrogate they identified for us was remarkable. She is healthy, nice, responsible, and easy to work with. We have been able to build an excellent relationship with our surrogate family through the entire surrogacy process, with GSHC's magnificent coordination.

Finally two months ago, our surrogate delivered a very beautiful baby to us, and now we are living a super happy life. We won't be able to do this without GSHC's expertise, experience, and patience. We would especially like to thank Jia, Mark, Rocio and Lindsay for their very kind assistance along this journey.

We would highly recommend GSHC agency to any couples who are anxiously waiting for adequate surrogates.
— Tao Tao
From start to finish I was wonderfully taken care of! Dulce from the agency brought me flowers to my first appointment and made me feel so special! Dr. Wilcox was very knowledgeable and friendly to talk to. The whole team was on point and even though they seemed to have a lot of appointments with patients, the appointments were quick and easy. The surgery was painless thanks to the wonderful staff. I would totally do it all over again. Thank you GSHC

Update- I have completed two more cycles with GSHC and HRC fertility! I can not say enough good things. It’s such a blessing to be in this space with people who genuinely care about you and your wellbeing. I have felt so safe the entire time. They really care about what they do and the people they do it with. I’m grateful to be a part of it! If you’re scared to take the jump on egg donation I would say definitely do it. It really helps a family complete their dream and you also benefit so much from it. Warm wishes, Jade
— Jade Granstaff
GSHC,Jia和Yadira找到了我们可以要求的最好的代孕母。他们不仅帮助我们确保代孕母健康,还非常贴心的帮我们考虑所有费用的问题。他们确保在我们这段特殊的经历中给予了充分的关注。最初,我们没有计划选择代孕机构,但是在决定加入GSHC之后,我们才知道这个过程需要大量的工作和经验。这就是Jia和她的团队为我们提供的,因此在整个过程中,我们实际上能够享受每一刻,并体验我们100%的奇迹。与其留给我们单独去处理法律,医疗等方面的问题,他们在每一步中都牵着我们的手协助我们。即使我们提出的要求可能超过普通夫妇的要求,他们也不会回避我们的电话。哈哈哈。感谢有史以来最好的体验。我们的家庭将永远感激你们帮助我们实现这一目标的祝福!!!我们希望你们继续祝福其他人,例如您拥有我们以及我们之前的其他人。你们是最好的!!! -Jarmaine G.(Google)
— Jarmaine G.
I have been apart of the surrogacy community for quite sometime now, I have spoke with and researched many agencies and none have compared to GS healthcare, they are always available no matter what time or day, and go above and beyond to make you feel like family vs a number in their surrogate pool, & I am so excited to start my 3rd surrogacy journey with them!
— Adriana Maciel
As a first time surrogate, I felt absolutely taken care of and all my needs were met with GSHC! Ashley was my contact there and she was always responsive and kept me up to date on everything! I was able to get questions answered 7 days a week, and was never left to read. They were very well organized through the whole process and made everything painless! Super sweet individuals and I will be using them again on my next journey! 💕
— Ashley Roberts
我是一名代孕母,我非常喜欢跟GSHC合作的过程。 我很快就与一对准父母相识,并能够在我的整个代孕旅程中与他们交流,我向所有想要成为代孕母的人推荐GSHC❤️。-- Jennifer G. (Facebook)
— Jennifer G.
在过去的5年中,我考虑了许多不同的代孕机构,但没有一个能与GSHC相比。 他们提供的资源至关重要! 他们让一切都变得如此简单,他们在您身边,真心想您能得到最好的服务。他们付出了额外的努力,以确保你得到更多的美好体验!--SAMANTHA L. (Facebook)
从我开始和这家机构合作,我就一直很开心,感受到支持和被重视。每位员工都花时间来理解我的想法,对我提出的每个问题度耐心解答。我很喜欢这里的case manager,她们也都是代孕母,因此她们了解代孕母的情感和问题,以及代孕的整个流程。她们为我匹配到了我喜欢的准父母,我在代孕过程中的每一步都感受到了理解和支持!-- Valiena S. (Facebook)
— Valiena S.
我是一位准父母。 由于我自己的身体问题,我无法生育。 在一个朋友向我介绍GSHC之后,我认识了他们,他们为我提供了很多帮助。 在此过程中,他们非常耐心和热情。 每个人都很好,并帮助我找到了一个很好的代孕母亲怀我的宝宝。 我的代孕母亲现在已怀孕17周! 我非常感谢GSHC代孕机构的整个团队帮助我实现了成为母亲的梦想。 谢谢! -Bella C.(Google)
— Bella C.
对我来说,GSHC已经不仅仅是一家代孕机构,他们成了一家人。 他们确实会在此过程中为您提供指导,并与合适的家庭真正相配。 我与一个了不起的家庭结成了对,并一直想寻求更好的方法来与他们一起开始我的第一次代孕之旅. --Mallory S (Facebook)
— Mallory S
100%推荐。我喜欢这家机构对我的服务的方式,非常感谢@yadira Ponce随时为我提供我所需要的帮助。🤗🤗🤗我可以告诉您,这是一次非常不错的经历,我可以帮助一对夫妇成为父母,让他们的生活充满幸福,非常感谢🥰--Melissa C (Facebook)
— Melissa C

悉心呵护 成就家庭

GSHC(Gestational Surrogacy HealthCare),是一家位于美国加州洛杉矶的综合性国际捐卵和代孕服务机构。由一群爱宝宝、对辅助生殖事业充满热情的团队成员组成。我们的客户遍布全球——美国、加拿大、中国、英国、法国、意大利、西班牙、以色列、日本、新加坡、菲律宾、澳大利亚、新西兰、阿根廷和许多其他国家和地区。


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