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I’ve considered many different surrogacy agencies in the last 5 years and none of them compared to GS. The amount of resources they provide are paramount! They make everything so easy, are there for you and really want the best for everyone involved. They go the extra mile to make sure the experience is what it should be and more! -- SAMANTHA L. (Facebook)
So far my experience with them has been great they really care for all their surrogates. -- LAURA B. (Facebook)
Friendly informative staff!! Great support, like family! Highly recommend. -- SARAH L. (Facebook)
My sister is a surrogate for this company and she tells me all the time how wonderful they are. They really seem to take care of their girls and put a lot of time and energy into each and every pregnancy. Happy to see this company building families and treating everyone with such respect. -- SARAH W. (Facebook)
This agency is so supportive and informative. I highly recommend anyone who wants to be a surrogate to look into them! My fiancee is a surrogate with this agency and any questions I've had about anything they are so quick and happy to tell me and put me at ease! 5 out 5 would totally recommend!! -- MICHAEL M. (Facebook)
My daughter is currently a surrogate for this agency. She absolutely loves working with the agency. She has nothing but positive things to say. Her experience is and continues to be wonderful. The gift of life is the most amazing gift anyone can give. I have nothing but praise for the surrogate moms! -- TIFFANY M. (Facebook)
I’ve been looking into surrogacy for quite some time, it’s always been something I was interested in. And I’ve looked into a few different agencies, did my research, everything and nothing stood out to me or I just got the runaround. Since finding GS everything has been wonderful, they keep you in the loop on every step of the process, do all they can to ensure you feel comfortable with the agency and your case manager. I am so glad I found this agency, highly recommend! -- BREANNA L. (Facebook)
I’ve just started my journey and so far I’m in love! Everyone is so amazing! Definitely feels comfortable and like I’ve been best friends with my Manager for years. -- SAMANTHA E. (Facebook)
This agency goes above and beyond to help both their surrogates and their intended parents have the best experience possible. I am really happy with their service and would like to do another surrogacy with them in the future. -- ALICE M. (Facebook)
I have heard such great things about this agency! my best friend has started her surrogate journey with them and all the love and support I have seen from them makes me want to become a surrogate too!!! 100% recommend!!! -- MELISSA W. (Facebook)
I do highly recommend this Agency .. the lady I spoke to was very nice and made me understand everything I need to know with the process. -- MICHELLE R. (Facebook)
I think the whole act of being a surrogate, lending your body to give someone the ultimate gift is so above amazing. I have friends going through the process and they have nothing but good to say about this agency. I myself have even spoken with someone about possibilities and she was so warm and welcoming! Such a great agency! -- KATRINA R. (Facebook)
Family is our inspiration
At GSHC Surrogacy Agency, we strive to create loving families. Our goal with each and every case is to provide the loving support necessary to make the surrogacy process as memorable and magical as possible.
Meet the GSHC Team
Meet our incredible team at GSHC Surrogacy Agency. Each and every one of us is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of family.
Surrogacy: What It Means For Your Significant Other
Before you decide to start the journey to become a gestational surrogate and help someone welcome a new member to their family, ask yourself if you’ve considered the opinion of one important person, your partner. Your partner is the most...
Being A Surrogate In A Different State
Unfortunately, gestational surrogacy agreements are not valid in all 50 states. Lawyers and agencies will only agree to work with a surrogate if she lives in a surrogacy-safe state to ensure her own safety, legally and physically. The intended parents...
What Happens if You’re Put on Bed Rest During Your Surrogate Pregnancy?
As a surrogate, your doctor may order you on bed rest at some point during your pregnancy. Being on bed rest can be a difficult time for many people, and it's important to know what to expect so that you...

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