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I absolutely loved working with GSHC as a gestational carrier. I was matched with a couple quickly and was able to communicate with them through my entire journey i def recommend GSHC to anyone who is wanting to be a surrogate ❤️.-- Jennifer G. (Facebook)
GSHC, Jia and Yadira found us the best Surrogate we could even ask for. Not only they took care of us from making sure that our Surrogate was healthy and a genuine person to the sorting out all the expenses. They made sure that they gave their full attention in our special experience. At first we planned to go without an agency but after deciding to go with GSHC we now know that this process requires a lot of work and experience. That is what Jia and her team provided us, so during the whole process we were actually able to enjoy every moment and experience our miracle 100%. Rather than scrounging around on how deal with legal, medical, etc. They held our hands every step of the way. Never dodged our calls even though we may have asked more than your average couple. Hahaha. Thank you for the best experience ever. Our family will forever be grateful for the blessing that you guys help us achive!!! We hope that you guys continue to bless others like you have us and others before us. You guys as the BEST!!! -- Jarmaine G. (Google)
I’ve considered many different surrogacy agencies in the last 5 years and none of them compared to GS. The amount of resources they provide are paramount! They make everything so easy, are there for you and really want the best for everyone involved. They go the extra mile to make sure the experience is what it should be and more! -- SAMANTHA L. (Facebook)
From the very beginning of my experience with this agency I always felt excited, supported, and important. I feel every member of the staff takes the time to genuinely get to know you and offer any support or answer any questions. I love that members of the staff have also been surrogates, so they understand the emotions, questions, and process of becoming a surrogate. They make sure you find the perfect match for a memorable experience. I felt a great deal of compassion for my feelings and journey every step of the way! -- Valiena S. (Facebook)
I am an intended parent. Because of my own fertility issues, I cannot have children. After a friend introduced me to GSHC, I got to know them and they helped me a lot. They were very patient and enthusiastic during the process. Everyone was very nice and helped me find a very good surrogate mother to carry my embryo. My surrogate mother is now 17 weeks pregnant! I am very grateful to the entire GSHC Surrogacy Agency team for helping me realize my dream of being a mother. Thank you! -- Bella C. (Google)
GSHC has became more than just an agency to me, they became family. They really are there to guide you in the process, and really match you with the right family. I got matched with an amazing family and couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my first surrogacy journey with them. --Mallory S (Facebook)
Recommended 100 % I like the way they are on the lookout for you thank you very much @yadira Ponce for always being there for anything you needed and for being on the lookout for us 🤗🤗🤗 I can tell you it's a very nice experience know that I can help a couple to be parents and fill their life with happiness thank you very much for everything 🥰--Melissa C (Facebook)

We’re Busy Making Babies!

GSHC Surrogacy Agency is a full-service Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency passionately dedicated to building and growing families globally. We specialize in making the process safer, easier and more enjoyable for individuals, couples, surrogates and egg donors interested in this life-changing journey.

At GSHC, we understand how much you want to love and cherish a baby. We also realize that surrogacy can be intimidating, complicated and even a little scary. You have questions. You have concerns. You may not be sure what to do next. You might also be curious about the egg donation and surrogacy center with whom you choose to work. That’s why we created our agency — to help people make the right decisions in order to fully realize their dreams of parenthood. Whether you are an Intended Parent, a prospective Surrogate, or an egg donor, we will be here for every step of this journey, keeping you informed as we go.

Trust GSHC Surrogacy Agency

GSHC Surrogacy Agency has been working in the fertility field for over a decade, specializing in gestational surrogacy since 2016. We are a dedicated surrogacy company that focuses on giving our clients personalized attention and care. With our team of compassionate, responsive professionals, you won’t feel lost in the shuffle.

As a trusted surrogacy agency, we also work closely with surrogate and egg donor candidates to make sure they understand the process and are comfortable with the commitments. Our gestational carrier agency stands apart because of our rigorous screening process, close relationships with doctors and specialists, attentive case support, and extensive experience. Our goal is to help you arrive at your destination — parenthood — in a safe and healthy way.

Family is our inspiration
At GSHC Surrogacy Agency, we strive to create loving families. Our goal with each and every case is to provide the loving support necessary to make the surrogacy process as memorable and magical as possible.
Meet the GSHC Team
Meet our incredible team at GSHC Surrogacy Agency. Each and every one of us is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of family.
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Qualifying for Surrogacy
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About the Matching Process
At GSHC Surrogacy Agency, we strive to make the best possible matches for our IPs and surrogates. We believe that an honest...
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